Operation Mindfall


The Future was yesterday, make it tomorrow!

Armed with a briefcase full of secrets and an iPad, you and your friends step into the future. The world is on the brink of Armageddon, total destruction is near. Only you can save humanity from destruction.

With the iPad you will find the coordinates that can be found on the basis of GPS. Once in the right coordinates, it’s up to you to stay calm and make the right decisions.

About our Outdoor Escape Games

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor escape game, where a mix is made between a city walk, geocaching and puzzles like in an escape room. During an exciting mission through the center of Deventer, you must solve riddles and puzzles as a team that you encounter along the way. Places in the city are integrated into the story and come to life through augmented reality. There are two different games, each with its own story and mission: Operation Mindfall en Magic Portal.

How does it work?

You play Operation Mindfall with a team of 2 to 5 players. At the start of the game you will receive an action pack. It contains gadgets that you need to carry out assignments. You will also receive an iPad, which will show you the way to places in the city. Scan the location with the iPad to bring the environment to life! Exciting augmented reality puzzles appear for you to solve to unravel the mystery…


The price is €25 per person. It is best to play in a group of 2 to 5 people. We have enough materials to allow groups of up to 200 people to play simultaneously.

The possible routes

    • De Stadswandeling
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